Lucknowi Chikankari Suits: The Ravishing Indian Craft

Lucknow’s Chikankari holds a special place in the world of heritage and culture. This exclusive embroidery and its ageless charm has mesmerized people since ages. Chikankari suits are a part of the Indian ethnic wardrobe for a long time. This thread work is a true work of art with its intricate craftsmanship and distinctive style of motifs that are inspired by Lucknow's Nawabi culture.

The History

In the present day, Chikan Lucknowi suits are not just an art form, but it is a fashion statement too. The Chikankari suits  can be assimilated into your daily wardrobe. It represents elegance and sophistication. Spanning over centuries, this weaving art carries its legacy from the times of Mughals. The charm of Chikan embroidery made its way to the royal courts and were a major part of the royals’ attires.

It is believed that Chikan work was first introduced by Nur Jahan (wife of emperor Jahangir). The queen brought the artisans from Persia for this art and soon India became the hotbed of Chikan work. Chikankari kept evolving over time with respect to the designs, technique, and materials. Earlier done on muslin cloth, Chikankari salwar suits are now worked on a variety of fabrics and colors to make it appealing to a wider section of audience. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, and georgettes are also used now, in their pure forms to embroider an original Chikankari work and expand its appeal. The patterns and motifs have also transformed due to the contemporary influences.

Efforts of designers have taken this artform to the international platform and is growing on demand beyond its ethnic roots.

How to Add Chikankari to your Everyday Outfits?

Now, let us dive into a few styling tips on how you can add this beautiful work of art into your everyday wardrobe.

1)  Pair a Chikan Kurta with jeans or trousers for a casual look. This combination is a lovely blend of traditional and modern, creating a stunning style statement.

2)  Buy a lightweight Chikan embroidered  jacket or shrug to wear it on a plain top or dress and add more visual interest to your outfit.

3)  Chikankari accessories like dupattas, scarves, or stoles are also available in stores. Incorporate them to mix and match them with your everyday outfits. They can instantly raise the beauty of a simple outfit and at the same time add a touch of elegance to it.

4)  Chikan embroidered bottoms, especially palazzos are an in-thing these days. They add a touch of grace to your outfits when paired with plain tops or contemporary kurtas.

5)  Find some garments that have subtle Chikan detailings on sleeves, collars, or hems. These look like delicate embellishments and can completely transform a basic outfit.

6)  Chakankari looks absolutely gorgeous on contemporary Silhouettes like jumpsuits, dresses, or tailored jackets. It creates a beautiful fusion of traditional embroidery with modern cuts. If you love to look fashion-forward, this can be a unique style to try out for.

The Chikankari dresses look ethereal in neutral colors like white, pastels, or earth tones. Team them with simple Jewelry to complement the embroidery's elegance. Wear some confidence of grace and culture and embrace its beauty by making it a part of your style!

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