Fashion Forward, Dupatta Draping with Suit Trends In 2023

A traditional Indian outfit would not be complete without a dupatta. Hence, when we say "dupatta suits", Dupattas add a tinge of glamor. An embellished designer dupatta enhances the look of any dress, be it a lehenga, suit, jeans or saree. You wear it around your arms to match your outfit. It is a flowy, elegant fabric. In most cases, it flows down your body and is embellished or embroidered intricately.

If you're planning to wear them to a wedding or just want to add a touch of culture to your wardrobe, here are a few dupatta styling tips. A dupatta can be styled in a variety of ways to look casual, candid, or regal. Let's take a look at the various styles to rock like a boss!


Classic Dupatta look

Let's begin with the classic old style of draping dupattas. Make sure the dupatta is pinned across your shoulders so it won't fall off. It is the oldest and simplest classic style. Those who wear salwar kameez and dupatta wear this style every day. A chiffon bandhej dupatta with their flowy soft fabric and bright color prints can never go out of style. You can add a splash of color to your ethnic look with these Rajasthani bandhani dupattas. You can even style it with a kurta and jeans. 

One side pleated and pinned

Create pleats on a single side of the dupatta, and let the other side remain unfastened. Drape a chiffon dupatta around your neck and let the open end of the dupatta hang freely. This works exceptionally well with lightweight dupatta materials and garments with high necklines.

Open at one side

Dupatta open at one side, is yet another simple dupatta styling method. Let your arm be covered with the dupatta like an open saree pallu. Use a colorful or stiff dupatta, to drape on one shoulder. This can also be used when you want to flaunt a heavy embroidered and stiff material look. 

 Cloaks Style 

The cloak or cowls style is another beautiful dupatta draping style. A silk dupatta can be adorned with a suit as well as a lehenga. Wear it like a ribbon with cowls on one side. Open your dupatta and pin them together to form cowls on one side. Pin the ends on one of the shoulders to create the look.

The Shawl style 

You can wear a Kalamkari dupatta like a shawl. Wrap the dupatta around your body and leave the ends behind your back. Else, Let the folds of the dupatta open on the back as you bring the upper hem over the shoulders. Hold the fabric at the elbows and pin it at the shoulders if you wish.

Wrap it around arms

Are you still confused about draping and styling? From the back, wrap the Dupatta around your arms. Despite its popularity, it's comfortable and fashionable at the same time! In addition, this is a style of Dupatta draping that will remain popular for a long time to come.

Final Thoughts

People are pairing new and colorful dupattas with their old salwar kameez to make them elegant. One can transform an entire outfit with just a few tricks. Elevate your suit ensemble by experimenting with the Banarasi dupatta, Kantha dupattas, Patola and Ajrakh dupattas. Each of these dupatta styles originates from different regions of India and offers unique patterns, motifs, and weaving techniques. Give them a try.

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