What is Handloom and Why it is important?


Handloom basically means hand-woven without usage of any machine or electricity.

The biggest difference between handloom clothing and machine-produced clothing is the way it's made. Machine-made clothing uses threads that are stretched across a frame using electricity or machines, while handloom clothing is produced by being hand-woven on a loom.

We can say that these days even the handloom fabrics are an expensive product because of the broad involvement of cost in their making.Handloom fabrics are not just clothes to cover your body, they are a luxury item to look beautiful and unique. Handloom fabrics are available in different colors and patterns that people can choose as per their taste.

Handloom fabrics have a very distinctive look and feel about them that makes them quite a bit different from the ones produced by the power looms. It is possible to find handloom fabrics from all over the country but you can ensure their originality only when you purchase them from their place of origin because each state has its own distinct patterns and designs.

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