Dupatta Fashion : Where Style Meets Effortless charm

In the world of fashion, the dupatta is like a magic accessory that adds charm to any outfit. There are many types of dupattas, from traditional ones with colorful designs to more modern ones with prints. Let's explore some of the most beautiful ones from 
Leheriya, like bandhani, banarasi, ikkat, kota doria, leheriya, printed, and cotton dupattas. Each type brings its own unique style to the table, making the dupatta a timeless piece in every wardrobe.

Bandhani Dupattas

Bandhani is a classic in Indian fashion, known for its detailed tie-dye method that has stood the test of time. Bandhani dupattas, decorated with lively and detailed patterns, bring a touch of tradition to any outfit. The small, carefully tied knots create captivating designs, highlighting the craftsmanship and skill put into making these pieces. Whether paired with traditional or modern clothing, bandhani dupattas effortlessly enhance the overall appearance.

Bandhani dupattas

Banarasi Dupatta

A Banarasi dupatta is a classy and timeless accessory. It comes from Varanasi and has intricate silk or brocade patterns that make your outfit look fancy. The luxurious fabric and beautiful designs of  Banarasi dupattas make them a classic choice, showing off the amazing skills of Indian craftsmanship. Improve your style with precision and tradition with Leheriya, a brand that stands for quality and heritage.

Banarasi dupattas

Ikkat Dupattas

Ikkat, known for its unique weaving, adds a special touch to dupattas. The detailed patterns result from a careful dyeing process before weaving the threads into the fabric. Ikkat dupattas showcase the artistry of handloom weaving, transforming them into more than just garments but pieces of art. They effortlessly blend tradition with sophistication, making them a stylish and cultural accessory for any outfit.

Ikkat dupattas

Kota Doria Dupattas

Kota Doria comes from Rajasthan's Kota district and is famous for being light and fine. Kota Doria dupattas are really elegant with their special checkered patterns and delicate weave. They often have pretty zari borders, making them great for both casual and fancy outfits. These dupattas are a must-have for anyone who loves fashion because they're so versatile and stylish.

Kota Doria dupattas

Leheriya Dupatta

Leheriya is a fun tie-dye method from Rajasthan, creating cool striped patterns like waves. Leheriya dupattas are lively and colorful, adding a burst of freshness to any outfit. Whether you wear them with plain colors or mix them with different patterns, leheriya dupattas make your overall look playful and charming. They're a great way to bring some fun and vibrancy to your style

Leheriya dupattas

Printed Dupatta

Printed dupattas come in lots of designs and fabrics, perfect for today's fashion. With floral and geometric patterns, they're great for trying out different styles. These versatile pieces easily go from casual to fancy events, making them a must-have for anyone who loves changing up their style. If you're into dynamic fashion, printed dupattas are a cool and essential addition to your wardrobe.

printed dupattas

Cotton Dupattas:

Cotton dupattas are all about feeling comfy and looking good. They're super breathable and soft, making them just right for everyday wear. Whether they have cool block prints or just a bit of embroidery, cotton dupattas bring a simple and classy touch to any outfit. So, if you want to stay comfy and stylish, cotton dupattas are the way to go for that understated and elegant look

cotton dupattas


The world of dupatta fashion is all about celebrating different styles and expressing your unique self. Leheriya stands out with its many stylish options, known for timeless elegance and top-notch craftsmanship. So, as you dive into the wonderful world of dupattas, let Leheriya be your go-to brand for your personal style. Upgrade your wardrobe, cherish tradition, and enjoy the creativity that makes each dupatta a special fashion statement.


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